Plane Structure are fabricators and installers of art, display furniture and bespoke joinery

28 November 2018

Making a new display system for Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

The making of display walls and cases commissioned by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Made of European ash, this will be a modular system that can be configured in many ways, with the 5 bar design being a subtle nod to the musical stave.


See our portfolio for the finished pieces.

Brexit buses and a Houses of Parliament table

There’s no escaping Brexit. We’ve created this model of the Houses of Parliament central table, plus a few Brexit buses, to be set pieces for DanceXchange’s latest production, This is an Island?


The ‘Speaker of the House’ leads the audience around an immersive performance that explores the current explosive political debate. Incidentally, performances are at Birmingham School of Art, which is where Matt studied back in the distant past.

Veneering table tops

The process of veneering 6 bespoke table tops, using a 16-segment sunburst pattern and brass infils.

28 October 2018

Unusual Instruments feature in The Quietus

Sam Underwood and Graham Dunning’s madcap musical ventures have been getting significant attention, including in respected music mag The Quietus.


This brilliant video explains how the colourful plywood boxes that we made have become component parts of their ‘Mammoth Beat Organ:



1 October 2018

Sprung dance floor

Plane Structure has produced 50 panels of sprung dance flooring to K Dance Floors, one of the world’s leading floor suppliers to the professional dance industry. The delivery included bespoke dollies for the panels to be transported on.